Messenger SDK for Android

VoIP SDK for Android

VoIP, video telephony, IM and presence Software Development Kit for Android phones and tablets.

Eyeball Messenger SDK for Android provides application developers and service providers with the industry's most robust and feature-rich VoIP, video telephony and instant messaging API.

Android VoIP Development Kit
Inside Android VoIP, VVoIP and IM  SDK

Advanced SIP Call Features

Intuitive VoIP and video telephony features. Users can record, play and send audio or video files. Choose from; large display, picture in picture, multiple lines, mute, pause, hold, call transfer, three-way calling, re-dial, call logs, call status, DTMF, speakerphone and the list goes on.

Advanced Messaging Features

The instant messaging & presence features offer complete contact management controls, personalized audio & video availability, customizable available/away status, on-line presence detection, rich text messaging, file transfer and user authentication.

SIP and XMPP Standards Based

Based on open standards such as SIP for voice and video telephony, and XMPP for presence and instant messaging.

Federated Presence and Instant Messaging

Messenger SDK supports federated presence and instant messaging with AOL, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo!, and more.

Android VoIP API added Value

Guaranteed Firewall and NAT Traversal

Messenger SDK includes Eyeball's patented AnyFirewall Engine to guarantee 100% call completion over any fixed or mobile network and through any NAT or firewall.

Guaranteed Voice and Video Quality

Android Messenger SDK includes Eyeball's patented AnyBandwidth Engine to guarantee the best possible voice and video quality over any fixed or mobile network and on any device.

Peer to peer Scalability

Android Messenger SDK completes most calls using peer-to-peer media delivery with occasional fall-back to using a relay server. This enables service scalability to millions of users with minimal infrastructure and operational costs.